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Cardboard tube manufacturers create a variety of tubes for various uses. Most paper tubes have use in both industrial and household settings. At home, paper tubes are used to store paper towels, toilet paper, wrapping paper, tape, paint rollers, and rolled documents. In industrial settings, paper tubes hold plastic sheets, large paper rolls, fabric bolts, and other heavy, large materials that are stored in long sheets. Most clients can ask paper tube manufacturers to customize their rolls for a variety of uses. Most paper tube manufacturing companies allow some of the following customizations:
Material: Paper tubes come in a variety of materials. One of the most common is kraft paper. Toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper, and paper towels all use kraft paper. Another material option is wood pulp. Wood pulp provides additional stability. Wood pulp rolls are used with paint rollers, tape, and in document storage. Some companies also make paper tubes from multi-layered cardboard. This is ideal for tubes that need additional cushioning, such as packaging for florescent light bulbs.
Construction: Factories use several different methods to create the paper rolls. Spiral winding is one of the most popular methods. This stretches the paper into a spiral shape and wraps it diagonally into a tube shape. This gives the core even strength throughout the roll. Sturdier rolls are made from solid wood pulp. Rolls that require little supporting strength simply wrap a sheet of kraft paper into a rolled tube, such as used with wrapping paper.
Size: Most factories can produce a variety of tube sizes, including width and length. The specifications will depend on the needs of each client and the capabilities of each machine. Most factories can also customize the thickness and strength of the tube, which is ideal for custom rolls and supporting jobs.
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