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Label tubes are made from cardboard tubes that are wrapped with custom prints. These are used as storage or packaging that requires a label or customized printing. Because of this, these tubes enhance the value of a product with its improved impact on quality and aesthetics. Read More…

Label Tubes Label tubes are made from cardboard tubes that are wrapped with custom prints. These are used as storage or packaging that requires a label or customized printing. Because of this, these tubes enhance the value of a product with its improved impact on quality and aesthetics.

As a member of the Member of the Independent Converters Association, we know the business of cardboard tubes. Our tubes are some of the strongest in the industry and we can meet a huge variety of needs from many different industries.

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Valk Industries provides engineering and manufacturing services for cardboard tubes as well as custom thermoformed items like clamshells, blister packs, trays and filler material.

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Western Container partners with the world`s top spiral tube equipment designers & paperboard manufacturers, to bring our customers the very best paper tubing and precision cores.

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Chicago Mailing Tube is a premier manufacturer of custom paper tubes, containers, and cores, providing products that are both high quality and economical. CMT has been meeting custom size and design requirements for its customers since 1902.

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Here at Paper Tubes and Sales we are a proven manufacturer of high quality cardboard tubes. These products are ideal for a multitude of industries and our teams are available to assist you with determining the best paper tube for your application.

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At Wes-Pac Converting, we have made it our mission to ensure that our customers are having their needs and expectations met, and to turn first time customers into lifelong connections. We offer white tubes, kraft tubes, Snap-Loc tubes, telescopic tubes, and more. All of our tubes are 100% recyclable. For more information on how we may be of service, get in touch with our customer service...

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Manufacturing these types of tubes involves wrapping a piece of custom printed stock paper (or any label material preferred). These labels are not able to be printed directly onto the tubes. The process in making this involves the use of an automatic paper tube labeling machine where the label will be loaded on feed rollers and these will be rolled and pressed against the tubes to make them adhere together. Different materials for the paper stocks and adhesives will be used according to the required applications of the label tubes (e.g. food-grade materials for foods and oil-resistant coatings for industrial type tubes). Generally, these are coated with scratch-resistant films to improve quality and long-term usage. Additional finishing processes will occasionally be needed depending on the manufacturer or customer requirements, such as foil stamping, embossing, metallic inking, and gloss UV spotting.

A superior advantage of label tubes would be their added durability due to the wrapped labeling materials and adhesives. These work great on concealing the porosity in an ordinary cardboard tube, thereby making it usable for parts packaging and storage. Furthermore, customers seek out this type of tube on account of its freedom of customization where they can choose from a wide variety of paper tube types. Customers are able to choose what labeling media or material is perfect for them (Litho paper, Gloss type, foil, and fluorescent paper), and mostly because they can customize their prints however they like. In addition to external enhancements, these types of tubes may be lined internally to improve their water-resistance, make it grease-proof, and adapt for food grade storage.

Label tubes are aesthetically pleasing and practical ways of packaging and storing products both on the consumer side and enterprise side. On the consumer side, these types of tubes are seen as canisters for food, apparel, wine bottles, perfume bottles, towels, candles, cleaning kits, and many more. On the enterprise side, these may be coated with resin type materials to make a package for high-end tools and industrial-grade products.

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