Convolute Tubes

They are made from a single sheet of cardboard and adhesives. They contrast spiral tubes, which, as you might guess, are wound as a spiral.

Typical convolute tube applications include: insulation, cores and pyrotechnic components. They are used as cores for materials like: metal foils and textiles. They are especially useful with textiles because it is easy to create a flap on their outside. They are used to hold products like finishes, dyes, bushings, grounding, jumpers and coil lead extensions.

Per your application, you can purchase convolute tubes in a variety of colors and in a wide range of sizes, with different inner diameters, lengths and thicknesses. Manufacturers also provide custom labeling options. These can be plain sticker-type labels or they can be more elaborate and involve art. On top of this, manufacturers can print information, such as barcoding, on your plain tubes. To learn more about your custom convolute tube options, talk to a potential manufacturer.

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Convolute paperboard tubes offer a variety of advantages. First, they are sturdy and strong. They can handle greater levels of impact and internal pressure than other tubes, such as spiral tubes. For cardboard, they are also durable. Because they are made from just one sheet of paper and because they have just one (or no) seams, they hold up much better than spiral tubes. Their other positive characteristics include their bend resistance and their straight winding properties. Get informed about convolute tubes and how they can work for you, discuss your application with a cardboard tube supplier. To help you on your way, we have listed many reliable and experienced cardboard product companies on this page. Good luck!

Convolute Tubes The word convolute means “to roll longitudinally upon itself” or “to form into a twisted, coiled, or rolled shape.” So, convolute tubes are simply those cardboard tubes that have been rolled in on themselves.