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With a concrete tube in place, construction workers can pour liquid concrete into the cardboard core and allow it to solidify, allowing for the construction of large concrete columns and support structures. Read More…

Concrete Tubes A concrete tube, or concrete core, is a device used to pour concrete for construction applications. These devices are typically constructed from cardboard or other similar fibrous materials, and they serve as the means for containing and shaping the concrete.
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As a member of the Member of the Independent Converters Association, we know the business of cardboard tubes. Our tubes are some of the strongest in the industry and we can meet a huge variety of needs from many different industries.

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Greeneville, TN  |  423-638-1284

Valk Industries provides engineering and manufacturing services for cardboard tubes as well as custom thermoformed items like clamshells, blister packs, trays and filler material.

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Beloit, WI  |  800-393-7917

Western Container partners with the world`s top spiral tube equipment designers & paperboard manufacturers, to bring our customers the very best paper tubing and precision cores.

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Chicago, IL  |  312-243-6050

Chicago Mailing Tube is a premier manufacturer of custom paper tubes, containers, and cores, providing products that are both high quality and economical. CMT has been meeting custom size and design requirements for its customers since 1902.

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Dallas, TX  |  800-422-5108

Here at Paper Tubes and Sales we are a proven manufacturer of high quality cardboard tubes. These products are ideal for a multitude of industries and our teams are available to assist you with determining the best paper tube for your application.

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Milwaukee, WI  |  414-988-7141

For quality, 100% recyclable cardboard tubes, look no further than Heartland Products. We serve customers throughout the United States with the highest quality products, all made to specific requirements both on budget and on time.

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Belvidere, IL  |  815-547-1700

At Wes-Pac Converting, we have made it our mission to ensure that our customers are having their needs and expectations met, and to turn first time customers into lifelong connections. We offer white tubes, kraft tubes, Snap-Loc tubes, telescopic tubes, and more. All of our tubes are 100% recyclable. For more information on how we may be of service, get in touch with our customer service representatives today!

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Concrete tubes are constructed by winding cardboard into spiraling layers. The spiraled cardboard is held together with an adhesive, and additional layers of spiraled cardboard are added on until the desired thickness is achieved. The thickness of the tube determines the strength and durability of the tube. Therefore, for large quantities of concrete, a thicker tube is required to handle the increased pressure without bursting.

Along with varied thicknesses, manufacturers also fabricate concrete cores in a variety of diameters and lengths. The diameter of the tube is very important to consider since this diameter will determine the thickness of the resulting concrete column. Tube length is less crucial, though. Cardboard is very easy to cut and manipulate, so the tube length can be cut down to the appropriate length using hand tools or power tools.

Convolute TubesConvolute Tubes and Cores Concrete Tubes - Marshall Paper Tube Company

For most construction applications, tubes can be purchased much longer than necessary and then cut to the desired length when they are needed. Besides these dimensional variations, tube manufacturers can incorporate other beneficial features to meet specific applications. Water resistant walls are a common feature used in the construction industry.

Because water is so important to the concrete curing process, a water resistant layer on the inside of the concrete core can help prevent the water from diffusing into the ground or air around the tube. This additional feature can help improve concrete strength and reliability. Other features typically focus on improving the durability of the tube for use in harsher environments.

Construction companies are the largest consumers of concrete tubes and cores as they provide an effective and affordable method for creating load bearing concrete structures. Other materials like steel or plastic can be used to create similar tubes. However, cardboard is typically much more affordable than metals and plastics.

These other materials are also much more difficult to remove from the column once it has solidified. Cardboard tubes, on the other hand, can simply be cut away and removed, and these tubes can be cut to the correct length much easier as well. For this reason, you will often see cardboard tubes being used to create columns for highway overpasses and piles for architectural foundations.

In addition to large construction projects, these tubes are an affordable option for commercial use and home improvement projects. Ultimately, concrete cores and tubes provide an excellent, cost effective solution to any concrete fabrication application.

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